How to engage introvert employees in organisation projects?

Are you proud of your employees? Nearly every employer praises the efforts a team puts into achieving the desired goal. In a deadline-driven project, some employees work silently. Every team has some members who do not interact and engage much with the cordial meatus after discussions/meetings. Moreover, they struggle to put their point of view being an introvert.

So, how do you help them grow and get comfortable with the existing setup? If you have not tried this until now, you may miss out on some good employee-employer interaction. They need to be heard. Thus, you must try to make them feel comfortable if they are critical for the company’s growth.

The blog lists some critical ways to help your introverted employees gain exposure without hesitation and embarrassment.  

6 Ways to help Quite employees engage better

According to a study, “Britons consider themselves as introverts more than extroverts.” Only 42% classify themselves as extroverts. While both qualities are good, introverts find peace in being with themselves. They have observational, thinking and analysis qualities. Thus, they reflect on possibilities before making a decision.

Thus, employee effort visibility impacts the employee’s personality and business revenue. If they feel appreciated and welcomed, they provide their best. Alternatively, if they do not feel appreciated or wanted, it may lead to detachment from the workplace.

It is thus critical to support them, encourage them to put forward their perspective and appreciate their efforts. Here are other ways to help introvert employees:

  • Analyse comfortable mode to communicate

Though you host continuous employee meetings on teams or Zoom, some employees feel out of the unit. They may not feel comfortable discussing their views at the meeting. It is because they are not much talkative.

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Thus, as a manager, you should ask your employees one by one the best way to communicate with them. If they believe you, they would be happy to share.

Moreover, gives employees plenty of time to prepare for team meetings. Do not expect a quick answer from an introvert nor ask him repeatedly. Instead, leave it to them by providing the flexibility to answer the question later.

  • Invest in additional training for introverts

The primary aim of an organisation is to help an employee grow at what he is best at. You can help introvert employees by hosting relevant training sessions. You can set up training for introverts that help them present their views in meetings and projects without hesitation. Provide them with additional sources and encourage them to practice them and grow.

However, host constant sessions until you encounter a change in the employee’s behaviour or help them overcome the fear of public speaking.

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  • Provide them with responsible roles in the workplace

One of the best ways to get the best out of introverted employees is by challenging them. Put forward a situation before the introverts with a prize.  For example, challenge introvert employees to volunteer for an official event and attach it with a reward.

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Most employees will turn up for the reward attached to the program. The opportunity will help them identify their strengths and weaknesses and slowly overcome them with every new opportunity they get as volunteers or leaders.

Most importantly, do not assume that quiet employees will only say no to such opportunities. Instead, ask everyone and wait for their response. Everyone should get an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and collaborate. It is the prime corporate ethic.

  • Create an inclusive and positive office culture 

Unless your employees find themselves at peace with the official matters, the firm may never grow. Disparity and favouritism in official space create barriers and thus impact productivity. To truly grow, you must not advocate a disparity culture in office. Try to be honest, transparent, and supportive in your approach while interacting with team members. 

It directly impacts the way a team and your employees interact with you and other members. Thus, prioritise building a positive office culture that’s completely employee-centric. It would grant individuals the space to work them in the way they want. Additionally, winning your employees’ trust grants introverts the opportunity to demonstrate their best and gain visibility among the crowd.

  • Grant introverts full control of projects

Introverts rarely like advice on projects. They like to work solo on projects. However, sometimes it is not possible because of time constraints. If you need to finish the project quickly and rely on the introvert’s skills, grant them control. Avoid nagging or asking questions frequently.

It may hamper their confidence in meetings or client dealings. Instead, grant them full support and freedom to rule the project game.  You will be shocked at results. They may help you with exceptional presentation and narration qualities. Moreover, after a lengthy project, grant introverted employees enough rest and flexibility to plan other projects well. 

  • Host brainstorming sessions in smaller groups

If you want to leverage the expertise of your quiet employees and help them improve with the presentation, host brainstorming sessions. Split the workforce into small groups of 4-5 individuals. It is because an introvert may feel better in a small circle rather than a big group. 

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They may share their views and ideas better. Moreover, grant them a brief about the purpose of the meeting and ideas you need for the project or the project details. It grants time for introverts to process things and provide relevant ideas.

Additionally, they may not say it but introverted employees may also require some advanced tools and setup to research and provide their views. Investing in advanced software for research and analytics may be a good thing. Check your cash reserve. If you need more money to finance the investment, contact financial experts 1oneFinance immediately. They provide individuals with relevant financial assistance after analysing needs and affordability. 

Bottom line

Every organisation has employees who struggle with presentations, providing ideas or discussing their issues. These tips may help you comfort your employees.  Factors like training and encouragement help employees gain confidence and pitch their ideas well.  Moreover, everyone at the company should feel they have a role to play at the organisation and can do so easily.

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